TU Wien Pilotfactory

The TU Wien Pilotfactory Industry 4.0, as a learning, innovation and demonstration factory for smart production and cyber-physical production systems, focuses on new concepts and solutions for a multi-variant serial production in the field of discrete manufacturing industry, which are typical for many Austrian companies. On approx. 900 m², the creation of a 3D printer is shown from the design to the mechanical parts production and assembly to the shipping to the end customer.

In the production area, robot-supported flexible manufacturing cells were combined with industrial robots. The realization of “Machine to Machine Communication” of these systems, which come from different manufacturers, was implemented. At the same time, an assembly and logistics landscape was also created in the pilot factory, in which human employees are the focus. They are assisted and supported in their work by the latest Industry 4.0 technologies, such as various visual and digital assistance systems and by collaborative robots.

In this “production lab”, about 20 different innovation projects with industrial partners, which are strongly involved in digitization, have been taking place simultaneously since 2017. One of them is #SafeSecLab since the beginning of 2020, which uses the infrastructure of the TU Wien Pilotfactory to evaluate your new developments in the field of safety and security in industrial productions.

-> www.pilotfabrik.at