On November 29, 2021, the first day of the #SafeSecLab "Safety & Security Days" - due to the lockdown in a shortened form - was held as an online meeting.

Scientific Advisory Board Meeting

After a welcome by Wolfgang Kastner, the now complete faculty with the SAB members, the main supervisors and the nine PhDs were introduced (again).

Christoph Schwald referred to the highlights of the past year, in particular the stakeholder analysis, which was able to clearly show the future needs in the area of ​​safety and security in the industry. He emphasized how important it is now to implement the practical relevance of the previous theoretical knowledge in use cases, in cooperation with the stakeholders.

Afterwards, Wolfgang Kastner showed some of the outstanding achievements in more detail and also described the labor-intensive process of the stakeholder analysis that was carried out. Some of the already successfully published publications were also shown.

Later in the morning, the nine PhDs were given the opportunity to present the progress made in their projects. Jürgen Jasperneite and Martin Wollschlaeger from the Scientific Advisory Board took part and gave the PhDs detailed feedback.




SAB Meeting
Scientific Advisory Board Meeting